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The Lodge meets six times each year (on two Saturdays in each University term), in central Oxford. Rehearsals for Lodge officers and other interested members are held on the Saturday preceding the Lodge meeting. Two ceremonies are usually worked at each meeting, and it is not unusual for ceremonies to include a number of candidates (for practical reasons, usually not more than eight).

Dress is black tie (dinner jacket and black bow tie) or formal evening dress (white tie), but please do not be dissuaded from attending if you do not possess evening dress. Officers of the Lodge wear formal court dress (as worn by former member, Oscar Wilde, in the picture). Masonic dress is always undress regalia for Provincial and Grand Officers. A charitable collection is made at dinner – the Lodge supports University and local charities. The Tyler's Toast is usually before 10:00 p.m.

If you are suitably qualified and wish to visit the Lodge, please contact the Secretary two to three weeks before the meeting you wish to attend.

Please note that the venue does not have any car parking spaces for use by the Lodge. By far the best options are to park in town (for example at the Westgate), or to make use of the Park and Ride, or to come by public transport.