Apollo University Lodge No 357

Members of Apollo University Lodge often leave Oxford and, though widely dispersed to many countries, still wish to maintain contact with the Lodge. Whilst it is hoped that members will retain full membership of the Lodge, even when they are no longer resident in Oxford, it is recognised that some brethren will feel unable to justify paying the full annual subscription. The Apollo Association was therefore established to enable such brethren - former members of the Lodge - to maintain contact with the Lodge and its members.

  • All present and past members of Apollo University Lodge are eligible to become members of the Apollo Association providing they have no dues outstanding to the Lodge.
  • All subscribing members of Apollo University Lodge are per se deemed to be members of the Apollo Association without further payment, provided they are not in arrears with their dues.
  • Non-Lodge members will pay an annual subscription which will be set by the Committee and which will be payable on 31 July each year.
  • All members of the Association will receive advance notice of the Annual General Meeting, which is usually held on the same day as, and in conjunction with, a meeting of Apollo University Lodge. The Secretary will record decisions of the meeting in minutes.
  • Names of members of the Association will be compiled into a circulation list.
  • Members of the Association will receive a copy of the Annual Festival Summons, news of the Lodge's activities and also news of its members and details of any Lodge social events.
  • Members of the Association will be able to attend Lodge Guest Nights.
  • Members of the Association will be free, and indeed encouraged, to hold social (non-Masonic) events in their own locality for the benefit of other Members, provided they notify the Secretary in advance.

The Association's AGM is usually held between the two sessions of the Lodge's February meeting. The full minutes of each meeting together with the accounts are available from the Secretary.

Looking for a lodge to join or visit, here or abroad?
Let the secretary of either the Lodge or the Association know and we will do our best to help you. You can help yourself initially by getting hold of a copy of the United Grand Lodge of England's Masonic Year Book or the Directory of Lodges and Chapters from Freemasons' Hall, Great Queen Street, London WC2B 5AZ. The latter lists the places where lodges under the UGLE meet here and overseas and gives the contact details of the relevant Provincial, District or Metropolitan office. The former gives the details of the Grand Lodges whose lodges the UGLE permits its members to visit or join - but you should not contact any of them directly until you are on their territory; if you wish to contact them before arrival you must do so via the office of the UGLE's Grand Secretary at the above address (tel 020 7831 9811).